Harvey’s Tales


Harvey’s Tales has selected Anderson’s Animal Shelter has the cause near and dear to our hearts and is always looking for ways to support them.
We know there are several worthy causes that need the community’s support and while we would love to support all of them, as a small business that is simply not possible.  As a result, we have established the following donation policy:
  • Harvey’s Tales will select one charitable cause a month and make a donation in either gift cards or store product.
  • To be considered you must submit your request 30 days in advance (using the store’s form) and your cause must be in support of those in the tri-cities of St.Charles, Geneva or Batavia as well as LaFox and Elburn.
  • If your cause is selected, you will not be eligible for additional support from Harvey’s Tales for 12 months (due to the number of requests we receive).
Charitable donations by Harvey’s Tales will only be made where:
  • the donation is made in compliance with applicable laws
  • the donation is not made to secure an improper business advantage
  • the donation is made to a properly established charity and there is a valid charitable purpose for the donation.

Return Policy

While we hope you enjoy your purchase from Harvey’s Tales we understand sometimes a return is necessary.

Any return must be made within 15 days of purchase, receipt is required (no exceptions). The item must be in its original package, not opened with the dust jacket in place, not torn, spine not broken and pages in pristine condition. All accepted returns will be issued a store credit.

Damage Policy

We ask that while you are browsing the many interesting books we have for sale that you take great care in handling the books so as not to damage the covers, the spines or the pages. If you damage a book, you will be asked to purchase the book.