Harvey’s Tales

Thank You for Your Support!

Ways to Continue to Support Harvey’s Tales

We want to thank all of you who have expressed concern for Harvey’s Tales and have asked how you can support us while the store is closed. Below are some ways you can do that:

We do not have an e-commerce site so please call the store at 630-232-2991 or email us at harveystales@gmail.com to place an order for books, puzzles, games or any of our other diversions. If we have the book or item you want in stock we will either ship it to you, or arrange for curbside pickup (effective May 1st).  If we don’t have the book you are looking for we are happy to order it (no additional cost) and get it out to you as soon as it arrives. 
Gift cards are always available and a great gift choice.  Contact us and we can arrange to get the gift card to you, or send it to someone for you!
If you prefer audio books, we have partnered with Libro.fm for audio book downloads.  Please visit them at librofm.com and take a look at their services. They are similar to Audible but purchases through Libro.fm helps support Harvey’s Tales directly as we receive a portion of sales from people who have selected Harvey’s Tales as their bookstore on the Librofm site.
Since we don’t have an e-commerce site, we have partnered with Bookshop.org as a way for you to order books if you don’t want to call or email the store. Your purchases through Bookshop.org directly benefit Harvey’s Tales, provided you select us as your bookstore.  You can browse the pages we’ve created or use the search bar while on our page and look for any other book. When you check out make sure you see the Harvey’s Tales logo.  That assures we will receive a portion of your purchase.  Your payment information goes directly through Bookshop.org and they send you the book directly to you. To shop on their site, please go to bookshop.org/shop/harveystales